Batavia HS Staffer Under Investigation In Altercation With Student: PD

BATAVIA, IL — A Batavia High School cafeteria brawl — described by District 101 officials as “an incident of assault and battery involving students” — Friday has promoted a police investigation, officials said.

A campus monitor employed at Batavia High School is among those under investigation, according to police.

While officers could not provide Patch with details, citing the active investigation, Shaw Local reported that a video showed a female student being grabbed around the neck by the staff member and held in a headlock against a table while she pleaded to be released.

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“We can all agree that the video clip is a cause for concern,” Holly Deitchman, District 101’s communications manager, said in a statement to Patch.

Detective Sergeant Gary La Barbera confirmed to Patch that the student is a sophomore at Batavia High School and the male employee is a campus monitor. He said he did not know where the video was originally shared.

Find out what’s happening in Bataviawith free, real-time updates from Patch.

“We are aware of the video,” Deputy Police Chief Eric Blowers told Shaw Local. “We are reviewing additional videos. Batavia High School has the area covered with video.”

The video showing the interaction between the campus monitor and student depicts “only a portion of the incident,” according to Holly Deitchman, Batavia School District 101’s communication manager.

“The District cannot release any additional information publicly, including the full video, to maintain confidentiality,” Deitchman said. “Right now, our priorities are supporting those impacted, completing a thorough investigation into the incident, and determining appropriate responses based on the investigation findings.”

School officials said the district is “working closely with all of the parties involved” as part of the investigation.

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