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Kamryn Van Batavia scored an incredible six goals for the Worthington Trojans when they beat the Luverne Cardinals on the road. The final score was 12-0 for Worthington.

Ellisyn Van Batavia,

Ella Apel

, Payton Behr,

Rylee Kurtz


Greta McClure

scored the remaining goals for the road side.

The Cardinals scored six goals in first period an held the lead 6-0 going in to the first break.

Three goals were scored in the second period, and the Cardinals led 9-0 going in to the third period.

Ella Apel increased the lead to 10-0 in the third period, assisted by Rylee Kurtz and Kamryn Van Batavia.

Rylee Kurtz increased the lead to 11-0 two minutes later.

In the end the 12-0 came from Ellisyn Van Batavia who increased the Cardinals’ lead, assisted by

Macie Edstrom

, late in the third period. The 12-0 goal was the last one of the game.

Coming up:

On Tuesday the Trojans will play on the road against the Eagles at 5:30 p.m. CST at New Ulm Civic Center, while the Cardinals will face the Tigers road at 7:15 p.m. CST at Albert Lea City Arena.

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