Photos: The first 25 years of Crossroads House celebrated in gala fundraiser at Batavia Downs


The leadership at Crossroads House often talks about the importance of the volunteers who assist people in their last stages of life.  For Cathy Winding, volunteering at Crossroads House saved her life.

“I moved here many years ago, and it was hard,” Windings said during the 25th-anniversary celebration of Crossroads Hosue at Batavia Downs on Saturday. “I left my family, my friends. I moved to Batavia, and I found Crossroads House. 

“I had read about it in the newspaper, and my mom had passed, then my dad passed, and I wished I had a place like Crossroads House because they had a horrible time.”

She said she finds it rewarding to care for the people who stay in Crossroads House.

Julie Tybor, who is also a volunteer, also said it’s rewarding.   

“Being with other families, spending time with other families has been the most rewarding part,” Tybor said.

Tybor, left, and Winding, right, are pictured above with Benita Scoins, with stars from a wall of honor.  As part of the event’s fundraising event, people could buy stars with names on them, either of people who have passed while staying at Crossroads or of the volunteers they appreciate. Scoins is holding the stars dedicated to family members, including Ron Weimer, who was the first resident of Crossroads House.






Paul Figlow and Joanne Patri pull numbers in the night’s reverse 50-50 drawing — when you’re number is called, you’re eliminated from the drawing.  When there are only two numbers left, the number pulled is the winner … 


Meghan Gallagher was the winner … 


She donated her $600 prize back to Crossroads House.





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