The Mayor of Redfield Parkway honored in gathering at GO ART!


The Owen Library at GO ART! was unveiled today as the James R. Owen Memorial Library, in honor of the late “Mayor” Jim Owen, who passed away Jan. 19.

Owen, notoriously tight-fisted with a dollar, if not a dime, was generous with his donations to causes he supported, especially the arts, and especially music.  Owen, who made no bones about his lack of musical talent (he was quoted at the event as once saying, “I sing solo.  So low, nobody can hear it.”) was especially proud of the accomplishments of his father, the late Frank Owen, who was a music teacher at Batavia High School.

In addition to the many donations he made to GO ART! during his lifetime — such as the funds to help create the library, the books in the library, and the white baby grand piano, he also left a sizeable donation, Director Gregory Hallock (speaking above) said. It’s enough that GO ART! can create an endowment fund for the first time in the organization’s history. 


Photos by Howard Owens


Andy Rich and Brad Meholick at the Franke E. Owen Memorial Piano in the James R. Owen Memorial Library.



Carol Reband and Elain Watson toast Jim Owen.


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